Starters & salads

Toast skagen (L) 14€

Crayfish in crème fraîche marinade with toasted archipelago bread, cucumber, dill and lemon

Beetroot salad with goat cheese (G) 12€ / 17€

With marinated red onion, walnuts, marinated chanterelles and honey vinaigrette

Forest mushroom soup (L) 14€

with croutons and herb oil

Main courses

Club sandwich (L) 17€

With grilled chicken, tomatoes, bacon, salad, Caesar dressing and deep-fried new potatoes

Goat cheese burger 18€

Fried goat cheese, brioche bun, red onion marmalade, tomatoes, beetroot mayonnaise and fried new potatotes

Båthuset burger (L) 18€

Hereford beef burger in brioche bun served with cheddar cheese, gherkins, marinated red onion, salad, chili mayonnaise and deep-fried new potatoes

Pan fried white fish (L,G) 26€

Summer vegetables in crayfish sauce, green mussels, crayfish tails, aioli and dill

BBQ pork ribs (L,G) 20€

Grilled pork ribs glazed with barbeque sauce served with coleslaw, chili mayonnaise and deep-fried new potatoes


Apple pie (L) 10€

Apple pie with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream


Deep-fried new potatoes (L,G) 6€

Deep-fried new potatoes with chili mayonnaise

House bread (L) 4€

House bread with butter

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